Bringing Unique Ideas to Life

Conceptual Problem Solving

Spend My TaxesThe concept entailed gathering anonymous data from US Tax Payers regarding the distribution of the fiscal budget allotted to the standing President. I built out the concept in Drupal CMS. We collected individual data via forms. This then displayed in a pie chart for the individual user to see. Simultaneously the data was aggregated and displayed in a group chart featured on a separate display.  Source Electric ServicesThe client wanted the prospect to answer a unique set of questions prior to booking an appointment with a technician. I built the solution in WordPress and used the Booking plugin which was then customized to suit the clients needs.Eagle Hauling ServicesThe client has on-going upgrades to meet the needs of automation within the waste management industry. The marketing website was built in WordPress. Some upgrades were made to meet the needs of the organizations internal automation process.
Upgrades, Code Fix, Etc.

Just Straight Development

MaGroover and Girly Shoes
Expression Engine upgrade project. The client needed old expression engine installations removed and the back-end file system reorganized.

Codecademy Pro

Expertise and Training

I picked up coding in my early twenties and have been designing and coding ever since. As a developer it is essential to stay up-to-date with the latest web technologies.  You can see my efforts here at

Platforms and Engines